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One Spring Lamb Free Download !!TOP!!

There is nothing like the bleat of a newborn lamb to herald the arrival of spring! Here, we are sharing the download of a lovely free lamb cross stitch pattern from Fiona Baker, as well as sharing other lamb cross stitch patterns you can purchase as kits and charts. Which is your favourite lamb cross stitch pattern? Whether you are looking for a realistic lamb cross stitch pattern to stitch, or are looking for something with a bit more spring colour, we hope you'll find the perfect lamb cross stitch pattern for you here in our selection.

One Spring Lamb free download

Awhhh - leave to to Durene Jones to come up with an adorably cute lamb cross stitch pattern! This sweet set of Easter cards features two different lamb stitch cross stitch patterns, as well as a chick and easter bunny. The set of 4 designs costs 4.80 as an instant chart download from her Etsy store

This little lamb makes a brilliant birth sampler! The PDF chart download includes the alphabet and numbers sets you need to personalise this lamb cross stitch pattern with your own dates and names. It costs 6.13 from the SevenDream Etsy store.

We have more lovely free cross stitch patterns for you right here on Gathered! For other sweet animals, take a look at our Durene Jones cross stitch fox pattern or our cat cross stitch patterns and our chicken cross stitch patterns to keep the feeling of spring! You may also like our cure children's cross stitch patterns with woodland pals, or our panda cross stitch pattern. If you like cute bugs, try our caterpillar cross stitch patterns, or our bee cross stitch patterns

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Rachel Allen has teamed up with Kerrygold to produce The Kerrygold Community Recip-e-book, available now for free download. For more information on Kerrygold, the Recip-e-book and some delicious recipes visit

This cute little spring lamb is not one for your Easter Sunday roast - "Please don't eat me!" This little sheep is from my crochet road playmat series but makes the perfect little Easter decoration or toy for an Easter hunt. Available as a follow along video tutorial.

All of the crochet patterns on the HappyBerry website are completely free to download. There are costs involved in running HappyBerry, so every pound or dollar really does help me keep it all going, and is very much appreciated! Donations can be given securely via PayPal.

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