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How to Install Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver

How to Install Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver

Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver is a software component that allows you to filter network traffic and perform security functions on your Atheros wireless adapter. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems. If you want to install this driver on your computer, you can follow these steps:

Atheros Security Ndis 60 Filter Driver Download


  • Download the driver file from this link or this link. These are audio files that contain the driver data encoded in sound waves. You will need to use a program like Audacity to decode them and save them as binary files.

  • Extract the driver file from the zip archive and rename it to netlwf.inf.

  • Copy the driver file and the file (which is a digital signature) to a folder on your computer.

  • Open Device Manager and locate your Atheros wireless adapter under Network adapters.

  • Right-click on your adapter and select Update driver.

  • Select Browse my computer for driver software.

  • Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

  • Select Have disk and browse to the folder where you copied the driver files.

  • Select netlwf.inf and click Open.

  • Select Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver from the list and click Next.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

You have successfully installed Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver on your computer. You can now enjoy enhanced security features on your wireless network.

Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver is based on the NDIS 6.0 Filter Driver sample code provided by Microsoft. It demonstrates how to create a filter driver that can modify or originate network packets before passing them along. For example, the filter driver can encrypt or compress outgoing data and decrypt or decompress incoming data. It can also perform authentication, firewall, or antivirus functions on the network traffic.

The filter driver works by intercepting the network packets that are sent or received by the Atheros wireless adapter. It then performs the necessary operations on the packets and passes them to the next driver in the stack. The filter driver can also send or receive its own packets independently of the adapter.

The filter driver is installed as a service and can be configured through the registry. It can also be controlled by user-mode applications through IOCTL commands. The filter driver supports both miniport and protocol interfaces and can handle multiple adapters simultaneously.

Atheros Security Ndis 6.0 Filter Driver is a useful tool for enhancing the security and performance of your wireless network. However, it is not an official product of Atheros or Microsoft and should be used at your own risk. You should always backup your system before installing any new drivers. 29c81ba772