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80 Golden Bokeh-lights Photo Overlays

5000+ Realistic Photo Overlays is the largest and most diverse collection of Overlays in 2022 for real professionals.Save precious time and master your skills with over 5000+ realistic photo overlays.Add soft and cool vibes to your designs.

80 Golden Bokeh-lights Photo Overlays

Need a spotlight? Here are 100! Check out this next fantastic light brush Photoshop set. This set helps you add incredible light effects with varying directions and light intensities. Use them as simple overlays or for photo manipulations.

Prism Light Photoshop contains 15 wonderful ring lens flare overlays that will take your photos from MEH to WOW. Get the most of these overlays by using them with the screen layer function. The pack includes a video tutorial.

80 Christmas light overlay & Christmas overlay, Photoshop overlay, Bokeh overlay, Wedding sparkler overlays,Fairy Christmas light overlayDetails: 80 Bokeh overlay (6000x4000px - 300dpi - JPEG)Our gorgeous package will create you a cool, creative background and you will create exciting effects. Textures in JPG format and can be used in compositions, projects. This texture pack is compatible with all popular graphics programs. Just select the appropriate bokeh and drag it using Photoshop onto your image - it's easy! Ideal for any projects, studio shoots, especially for Christmas, Newborns and Valentine's Day, Wedding.The textures in this collection can not only decorate, but also provide lightness, brilliance and freshness for any of your images. Add glitter to your images with ease! Add some magical bokeh (little balls of light!) To your photos with one click. Layer multiple bokeh overlays on one image for amazing results. Our bokeh style textures for wedding art are designed to create an interplay of light and dark to highlight the most impressive moments of one of the most important days in life. You will create the most creative work!Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey's Photo Editor, etc.)Note to the Lightroom users - please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers

Download for free this beautiful golden Bokeh lights background that can be used as Photoshop overlay. This gold lights texture can be used for wedding photography for example. Also you can use it to enhance Christmas photos by adding playful lights.

Use this beautiful golden bokeh lights texture as photo overlay in Photoshop. This kind of photo overlays can be used in Photoshop for wedding pictures, for Christmas and New Year images, for night photography and so on.

This is a seamless texture overlay meaning that you can use it as hearts Photoshop pattern.Add beautiful Bokeh lights effect for your weddings images with this beautiful hearts background in just a few seconds. You can enhance photos in Photoshop using our beautiful free texture overlays.

Highlight the brilliance, brightness, and saturation of the photo using one of the free bokeh Christmas lights overlays. Garlands, lanterns and Bengal lights are important attributes of most Christmas photos. Enhance their light with bokeh overlays and get the moody and perfect photo fast. Christmas Light Bokeh Overlays appropriate for winter photos taken during the winter fall, for baby and children photos taken near a Christmas tree at home, for family, portrait and couple shots.

Realistic highlights in different colors and sizes will be the main tools in your photo editing. You do not need to have much experience in Photoshop photo retouching. Just put one or more overlays on your photo and click on the blending mode. Try and turn on the light on your winter photographs! Having tested them on a large number of various pictures, we guarantee they will look their best on both outdoor and studio Christmas photos. As a result, we got universal Christmas lights bokeh overlays that are ready to use. Just download them and create perfect photos in several minutes.

The new Mighty Deal from MixPixBox features a large assortment of incredible photo overlays to turn your pictures into masterpieces. Color your mood with all sorts of different effects from bokeh to natural sunlight to glitter. Made up of 6 clipart bundles, you'll get yourself a slew of lights, bright effects, and even confetti. Effortlessly add some wonderful looks and styles to your favorite photos!

This resource gives you 20 psychedelic photo overlays that will add some spice to all your images. Simply place the overlay over your image, set its mode to screen, and watch it transform your image in just a few clicks.

The Bokeh effect can add a dramatic flair to any photo. Just add your image to the editor and apply the overlays to get the desired effect you want. You can easily hide or show the bokeh layers until you have the perfect bokeh mix.

Adding a distressed look to your photos can enhance the overall look and quality by giving it a robust retro feel. The pack includes ten easy-to-use overlays that can be mixed and matched to get your desired result.

Getting the perfect outdoor image can be quite hard when everything is right, except for the sky. Choose from any of the sky overlays in this pack to give your photos a new meaning and life with just a few clicks.

Beautiful, transparent, golden fairy wings!These are gorgeous PNG overlays, something you wont find anywhere else!High Resolution, 300dpi, PNG files. 11MB - 24MB each wing.Created with a base photograph of real insect wings, these really are lovely.You can see the veins and detail of each wing, which makes them look so much more authentic with the added bonus of being "see through".

When Autumn comes, my sister and I always make a day of photographing wild mushrooms in the forest. This year I thought it would be fun to create some faery overlays with them!These are beautiful. Photographs of real mushrooms, enhanced and edited, all ready for you to use. Perfect for your own art work and photography!

There are 25 amazing confetti photo overlays in this back. The fun overlays add an element of fun to any image and are adjustable. You can even use multiple overlays to add even more texture to your images.

This pack features 6 high quality overlays for adding snow to your photographs. They vary from intense snow storms to light flurries and can be toned down by using opacity or cranked up even more by layering multiple overlays on the same image.

This collection of essential noise textures should be a staple in any designers toolbox. Whether you want to add overlays to photos or use them as subtle noise backgrounds these textures will save you time and effort. Unlike the generic noise that you can generate with Photoshop, these textures are provided in 5 distinct intensities, and feature small details (subtle specs of dust and dirt) which add to the realism of the effect.

This set includes a total of 96 different haze photo overlays. With the help of these overlays it is easy to add a haze effect to your own photos. The overlays come in both .png and .psd format. There are 16 different colors/shades of haze, and there are 6 variations for each color.

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