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Combofix For Windows 10 40 !!LINK!!

Recently I ran into a particularly nasty and persistent Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT from a user opening a zipped email file containing a JavaScript file. Windows 10, Outlook 2013. I would like to submit a ComboFix log but have no way to do it. Now, is it possible to use a command line switch to make ComboFix not run a windows version check? Or is it just not at all compatible with Windows 10?

Combofix For Windows 10 40

Edit: Method one of you post helped me a great deal. Though mine said something different, it was the correct place (don't know if place is the right word) you pointed. Also, you comment about combofix was also dead on.

Combofix is a very easy-to-use program as everything is done automatically. In certain cases, when malware prevents programs from running normally, you will need to boot your computer in Safe Mode in order to run Combofix. Once you run the program and go through a couple of warning windows, a scan will initiate. The program will do everything automatically, so no further interaction with the tool is necessary. Depending on how severely infected the computer is, the scan can take somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes.

Ostatnim krokiem jest poprawne odinstalowanie Combofixa, które usunie zarówno program jak i zawartość jego kwarantanny. W tym celu należy nacisnąć przycisk Start i w polu wyszukiwania (w przypadku systemu Windows XP należy wybrać z menu Uruchom...) wpisać combofix /uninstall oraz zatwierdzić operację wciskając enter. 076b4e4f54


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